Applications and Environmental Effects

2nd Year Asphalt

Wherever there is a dust problem, DUSTLOCK'S™ ease of application and tremendous effectiveness allow it to be used safely. Formulated to be sprayed on, DUSTLOCK™ can also be applied by hand with common household tools including weed sprayers and sprinkling cans. Because of the diversified uses for DUSTLOCK™, the application rates differ tremendously. If the application rate has been adjusted properly, the end result will be one that resembles a bituminous surface.

Environmental Dust Control, Inc. is able to handle all the application needs that you might have, from large commercial jobs to small residential or agricultural ones.

Some common uses for DUSTLOCK™ are:

  • Unpaved roads,
    alleys, driveways
  • Airports
  • Public gathering sites
  • Quarries and
    mining sites
  • Parking lots
  • Public water accesses
  • Construction sites
  • Race tracks
  • Machine sheds
  • Truck terminals
  • Lumber yards
  • Feed piles
    and much more


DUSTLOCK™ on commercial sites will keep dustdown and control mud and erosion. Roadbeds that have historically been treated with calcium or magnesium chloride will need multiple applications of DUSTLOCK™ to offset the corrosive salt, as will surfaces that are frequently exposed to heavy equipment.

DUSTLOCK™, unlike other dust suppressants, is formulated to be non-corrosive so it won't harm valuable equipment. DUSTLOCK™ is easily cleaned up with soap and water and in extreme cases, over-the-counter mineral spirits will do the job.

Because of the special formulation of DUSTLOCK™ some residual benefits are realized; this means the next application of DUSTLOCK™ will require less product and less maintenance. Environmentally speaking, the impact is reduced by the care Environmental Dust Control, Inc. has taken in the formulation of DUSTLOCK™

Gravel Road

3rd Year Township Road

Multiple Applications

Haul Road




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