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Environmental Dust Control welcomes you to our website. In 1988, the Minnesota Legislature banned the use of waste petroleum oil as a dust suppressant. In response to this legislation, three Minnesota soybean/corn farmers pooled their resources and started Environmental Dust Control. Using readily available agricultural resources, DUSTLOCK™ was formulated to be not only effective but environmentally responsible.

DUSTLOCK™ is a naturally occurring by-product of the vegetable oil refining process. When formulated correctly by Environmental Dust Control, Inc., it is an excellent material for suppressing dust in almost any application. Chemists have combined ingredients in DUSTLOCK™ to make it non-corrosive and friendly to equipment and environment alike.

Most dust suppressants contain calcium chlorides, magnesium chlorides and petroleum based suppressants that lay on top of the dirt surface. These dust suppressants are easily removed by grading or the elements to expose the dust underneath, once more giving you a dusty road surface. DUSTLOCK™ penetrates into the bed of the material and 'bonds' to make a barrier that is naturally biodegradable. This means that DUSTLOCK™ stays where it is applied, ensuring that the surrounding ground and water are not contaminated.

In addition to effective dust control, erosion of surface material (gravel) and the appearance of mud is virtually eliminated.

As testament to the effectiveness of DUSTLOCK™, our business has tripled yearly, thanks to repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.

Our goal at Environmental Dust Control, Inc. is to provide environmentally safe dust control by the use of renewable, agricultural based, biodegradable resources for dust control and soil stabilization.

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